Viewed Artist Kai Althoff Painting Exhibition

Kai Althoff, who was born in 1966 in Cologne, Germany currently lives and works in Cologne. With painting, Kai Althoff be involved in spiritualism identity to perform a reconciliation of German history. They are often articulated with homoerotic subtext. Althoff many more men describe domain as psychologically very complex. Where the painting was power, politics, sensuality, vulnerability to temptations much against the backdrop of war, religious, cleaning up the land. Using the model of the history of art, making the work of Kai Althoff be having quality timeless. There are many narratives combined with recognition. Then they were given a wonderful sensitivity. Althoff then uses beauty to seduce the audience so as to encourage the involvement of their morale.

Kai Althoff painting is actually used to tease the Prussian army by using a more homoerotic subtext. Fraternity often they notify it is simply a guise of authority embeds. He painted a lot of violence and mild that together. He also painted many of the fantasy stories about the people and the army. Kai Althoff It draws coxcombry more refined style. He conveyed meanings in his paintings in nobility in a way so subtle. Atrocities were there at the time was described as very softly. His paintings are very flat with almost decorative motif. Where there was a scene at the time of the Althoff reads like a theater. It could be reminiscent of Georg Grosz’s depictions of Berlin WW1. It was all staged for consensual pleasure only with the concept of a chic poster glamorizing.

At the time of the winter lasts, Kai Althoff uses many different types of media in increasing the quality of the unexpected in making a graphic composition which is owned by him. He makes his paintings into a collage. Then Kai exhibiting paintings by a variety of different styles on each separate element in order to create tension until the formation of narrative into a cohesive whole.

There is a scene where there is a dark dream that actually adopt the painterly qualities of honor. There is a person who crouched amid colored tangle by using aluminum foil. So they can create a very good geological texture and can be in accordance with the existing religious icons. It’s all packed Kai using militaristic designs that are visible. But within moments there are a lot of people also feel that a very clear element of spirituality. Mortal color coating and high-gloss varnish create a transcendental illusiveness, constantly hovering between gravitas and disco chic.

Various Solo Exhibition From Kai Althoff:


Kai Althoff o: Kai Kein Respekt (Kai No Respect) Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; ICA, Boston


o Vom Monte Scherbelino Sehen Diözesanmuseum, Freising


o Kai Althoff (with Armin Krämer) Kunstverein Braunschweig, Germany


o Impulse Anton Kern Gallery, New York; Galerie Neu, Berlin

o Aus Dir Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne


o Stigmata aus Grossmanssucht Galerie Ascan Crone, Hamburg

o Hau ab, Du Scheusal Galerie Neu, Berlin


o Galerie Hoffmann & Senn, Vienna

o Galerie Christian Nagel, Cologne


o Reflux Lux Galerie Neu, Berlin

o Bezirk der Widerrede Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne


o Hilfen äußeren und Recht der Wand (an mich) Anton Kern Gallery, New York

o In Search of Eulenkippstadt Robert Prime Gallery, London

o Heetz, Nowak, Rehberger Museum of Contemporary Art, São Paulo


o Hakelhug Galerie Christian Nagel, Cologne


o Hast Du Heute Zeit – Aber Ich Nicht Künstlerhaus, Stuttgart

o modern wird lahmgelegt Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne


Kai Althoff paintings are almost always in a variety of exhibitions there with a variety of reference starting from collage illustrations in the world fairy tale. He creatively uses modern painting materials such as resin, tape, till the tinfoil so many of his paintings which have a contemporary look. Kai Althoff has a simple base in the painting is the shape, tone, and color so they can make the beauty of the totality.